E B. White: Once More To The Lake

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The title and author of this selection was
E B. White “Once More To The Lake” It was published in 1941, 1942 and 1977
The time and place of selection was set in Maine on a saltwater farm lake in the summer of 1904 in August. The characters; main and/or important, and enjoyable ones included the author, E.B. White and his dad followed by the author and his son. The emotional description of characters and their personalities can be described as peaceful, having fond memories of their special place they enjoyed year after year. The basic conflict was they didn’t want their place to change whether by roads , time, or noise, and the plot synopsis and summary is despite not wanting anything to change, time had changed their holy spot as it was called because nothing stands still life does go on. The climax or turning point/high point of the story was the description of the thunderstorm which changed the way the lake looked ,how forceful it was with the rain, wind, lightning and thunderclaps. The mood and atmosphere of this story was looking back at the past, thoughtful at times sad, thinking how it changed, then happy when E.B. was with his dad and later E.B. and his son. The way the author puts this story causes you to see what he is seeing and to feel what he is writing. I enjoyed the selection because it reminds me of when I had fun on lakes and rivers here in Texas and other states and on my granddads lake.

I think this selection is good literature because it helps the reader to think back on past experiences that were good with their parents and children and it is well thought out. What I learned by reading this piece was that youn should value the time you have with your family and time marches on.

The author's purpose in writing this piece was to show how happy he was with his family and wantinting to share that with his son and to us the reader.
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