Working to the Fuhrer

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Daniella Vaccari
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Kershaw examines Hitler’s reign during the 1930s in his essay “Hitler.” The term “working towards the Fuhrer” is instrumental to Kershaw’s depiction of Hitler during the Third Reich. According to Kershaw, through “‘working towards the Fuhrer’, initiatives were taken, pressures created, legislation instigated- all in ways which fell into line with what were Hitler’s aim, and without the dictator necessarily having to dictate.”1 Kershaw argues that the radical action that leduo222222222222 to policy formation was often times provoked from below, and not by Hitler himself.

The coined term “working towards the Fuhrer” helps shed light in understanding Hitler’s style of rule. “Working towards the Fuhrer” existed because of Hitler’s highly personalized style of rule. He rarely held cabinet meetings, met with cabinet members alone and disregarded customary governmental procedures. 2 Kershaw further explains the connection between “working towards the Fuhrer” and his rule, “Hitler’s sparse involvement in initiating domestic policy during the mid- and later 1930s and the disintegration of any centralized body for policy formulation means that were was wide scope for those able to exert pressure for action in areas broadly echoing the aims of nationalization of the masses.” 3 Due to Hitler’s disengagement from internal affairs, it opened the doors for party followers to carry out his aims to accomplish presumed party goals. Hitler’s style of rule that invited radical initiatives from below (“working towards the Fuhrer”, had substantial effects on both German society and the Nazi Regime during the 1930s.

One form of radial initiative from below that affected German society was anti-Jewish sentiment, that ultimately resulted in the establishment of discriminatory laws against Jews. Hitler explicitly laid out in his party program that Jews were the root of all evils. Accordingly, when Germans violently lashed out...
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