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A Guide To Careers In Accounting Information Systems - Yahoo!7 Finance

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A Guide To Careers In Accounting Information Systems
Amy Fontinelle, On Tuesday 26 April 2011, 4:07 EST

The study of accounting information systems (AIS) combines a general business background with a focus on management information systems and accounting to prepare students for specialized careers in accounting, auditing, consulting, business analysis and management. Aside from the obvious importance of both accounting and information systems to businesses of all kinds and all sizes, employment projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that studying AIS can lead to a career path that should be both stable and lucrative. Here, we provide an overview of the types of AIS jobs available and the education and training requirements to enter this field. Types of AIS Jobs AIS professionals work for consulting firms, large corporations, insurance companies, financial firms, government agencies and public accounting firms, among other types of companies. In addition to having the option to work for many different types of businesses, specializing in AIS opens up the possibility of holding any of a number of highly skilled positions. It can even start you down the path to becoming an executive or partner. Here are some of the most common jobs for AIS professionals. Accountants Accountants may be called upon to assist a company in developing its AIS. Their knowledge of accounting and auditing methods and procedures is important in helping a company choose or design the best software and overall system. Also, because computers play such an important role in modern accounting, the accountant will benefit from a background in information systems. Accountants will also access the data in the company's AIS in order to perform their job functions, including preparing and analyzing...

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http://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/A-Guide-To-Careers-In-investopedia-975551200.html?x... 18/07/2011
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