Week4 Assignment

Topics: Google search, Bing, Yahoo! Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Rondesha Cotton
Ashford University

Computer Literacy INF 103
Instructor. Tyrik lles

February 16, 2013

The founder of wikipedia has a noble mission- to share all the world’s information with everyone everywhere, anytime. In what ways has this mission been successful? In what ways has it not been successful?

There are two main reasons why wikipedia is a great place to go for general knowledge but is not acceptable for a paper that you write for Ashford or any other institution of higher learning. The first is that while safeguards are in place to prevent errors, whenever there are 3 million articles or anything, mistakes can slip through the overseers. The other main reason that wikipedia is not suited for scholarly referensing is because there is no identifiable authorship or permanence to the articles. Use wikipedia for your personal life but not your professional one. This does not detract from wikipedia being one of the great web 2.0 success.

Searching for information on Google is like trying to find a needle in a hayshack. Is that true? Was the library of the 19th centrury more efficient? Explain.

No is not, Google is the most popular search engine today that can be found @google.com In fact Google is the world’s largest search engine. Google’s computers index consists of search terms (Google now has 2 billion of them) and links to webs pages. Google suggest what it think is the best website for you by listing it first. The entire process takes about half a second.

In the 19th centrury they used the library card catolog it was standard in libraries before computer searching. Coming late to the world of computers information were libraries. They were often stereotyped as old-fashioned with there card catolog cabinets filled with 3 by 5 indexs cards.

How is searching in a specific database, such as...

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