Transitional Housing support

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Transitional Housing Support
Kaplan University
Unit 6 Rough Draft Project

The State of Hawaii is and has been battling one of the worst drug problems of its time. “ICE,”, as it is called, is so widely used by people of all ages, ethnicities, and of every income level. It so common that many people can’t distinguish between user and non-user. Drug abuse is so widespread that it is a contributing factor of the crime rise in Hawaii. Domestic violence, burglary, assaults, many of which can all be found to be drug related. Methamphetimin ore “Ice” is a wickedly addictive and widely available drug, steals and controls peoples minds and lives regardless of socioeconmic status. (Name of author or article,Sept. 2003) It is not clear from the first paragraph that you will be discussing domestic abuse—aim to make this more clear The number of bBattered women in Hawaii is , is rising largely due to the drug problems. Transitional housing for long term is needed to assist Hawaii’s women and children regain their lives back and find the ability and resources to move forward.

There are many programs set in place for such drug offenders. Both men and women may enter into drug programs or emergency shelters as a result from abuse. But those are only short- term solutions for a long- term problem.

Ice is highly addictive. Long term usage is associated with depression, fatigue, and even suicide. Ice causes psychosis, anxiety and serious violent behaviors, along with a high addictions rate. There are many physical effects such as:

1. AnorexiaAnxiety
2. HyperactivityIncreased libido
3. Dilated pupilsAlertness
4. Flushed skinHair pulling
5. Excessive sweatingAgressiveness
6. Irregular heartbeatsPsychosomatic aggressiveness
7. TwitchingCompulsiveness skin picking
8. InsomniaExcessive feelings of power
9. AcneObsessive paranoia behaviors
10. TremorsDelusions and hallucinations
11. SoresPsychosis

The withdrawl itself is dangerous, and withdrawl symptoms are very common with heavy use and relapse is very common. Induced hyper-stimulation of pleasure can lead to months of psychological issues such as behavior activation. It is also shown

that using ice triggers serious behavioral problems that are associated with ice use and addictions many users will experience. As with long term use of “ICE”, tolerance is not completely understood but is known to be complex that it cannot be explained by any single research. The rate and the tolerance of which it develops vary widely between individuals, also dependant upon the dosage, duration of use, and frequency. Ice is the epidemic of the Islands, which is trying to kick the deadly addiction that comes with it. Lt. Governor Duke Aiona, will convene an “Ice Summit” to deveolop a battle plan in the war against Hawaii’s so called ice epidemic. To explore the damage that this addictive drug has wrought in the islands, how it has destroyed lives and families, and possible ways Hawaii can kick the ice habit. (Sept. 2003) “This isn’t a new epidemic”, says Woods ((C. Woods 2003) who runs a residential program for women and children at the Salvation Army. Ice has become such a widespread problem that Hawaii’s Lawmakers, from the top have put ice at the top of the political agenda. The public has been in denial, and it has taken almost 20 years for the people to see just how bad the devastation has gotten, and now people have to pay attention. There is outrage by all the headlines this drug is making in the news. “Hawaii has had an ice problem since the 1980’s, and the rest of the country only had it for a few years”. (L.Williams, 2003). Hawaii has been dubbed the “Ice Capital”, of the nation. (E.Kubo, 2003) You don't seem to be focusing on battered women—your entire paper has been on Ice---maybe you should revise your focus to...
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