The Man From Ironbark Analiysis

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“The Man from Ironbark” By A.B Patterson
‘The man from Ironbark’ is a humorous poem by Banjo Patterson. It is a ballad about a man from Ironbark who wants to get his hair and beard shaved in Sydney. This is so when he goes back to Ironbark he’ll be a ‘man or mark’. Unfortunately for him the barber there likes to play ‘tricks’ on people. The barber shaved his beard then dipped the razor in boiling water. Using the back of the razor he slashes it across his neck making the Man from Ironbark believe that he had his neck cut off.

There was rhythm and rhyme used to make this poem keep flowing it has a beat to it making this poem exciting the story it tells keeps us entertained throughout ballad

Metaphors and similes were also used, in this ballad. The man from Ironbank calls the barber a dog. The man is comparing the barber to a dog by saying he is a dog. “….you dog, I’m beat!...” - Verse 4 Line 4

Imagery plays a great part in this ballad. Adjectives used help us to imagine what the protagonist (the man from Ironbark) and antagonist (barber) personalities and looks. It also helps with imagining the place they are set in.

Direct dialogue is also used. This poetic device tells us exactly what the character(s) have said. Most of the direct dialogue is Colloquial. It helps us to imagine it said with an accent. “Ere!...” “I s’pose…” “Story o’er and o’er
A lot of the humour is melodramatic. One of the melodramas is when the man from Ironbark knocks out the barber. Another...
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