The Levels Of Communication

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What are the levels of Communication
Intrapersonal Communication - A neuro-physiological activity which involves somemental interviews for the purposes of information processing and decision making.

Interpersonal Communication - Occurs when you communicate on a one-to-onebasis usually in an informal, unstructured setting. It occurs mostly between twopeople, though it may include more than two.

Group Communication - Form of communication occurs among a small number ofpeople for the purpose of solving problem. The group must be small enough so thateach other member has a chance to interact to each other.

 Public Communication - Here, the speaker sends a message to an audience. Thespeaker usually delivers a highly structured message, using the some channels as ininter-personal or small-group communication.

 Mass Communication - A means of disseminating information or message to large,anonymous and scattered heterogeneous masses of receivers which may be farremoved from the message sources through the use of sophisticated equipment.

Intrapersonal communication refers to communication with the self. It may be silentor verbal type of communication. Intrapersonal type of communicationapproximates with the thinking process, in which the person consciously sendsinformation to himself/herself in order to analyze a situation. This communicationstrategy is particularly useful when someone has to make important life decisions or is facing a conflicting situation. “Positive self talk” is a type of intrapersonal communication that can be used as a tool to improve the nurses or client's healthand self-esteem.  

Interpersonal Communication refers to one-to-one interaction between two personsthat often occurs face to face. The purpose of interpersonal communication is toshare information, opinion, ideas, and so on.

Transpersonal Communication is the communication that occurs within a person'sspiritual domain is referred as transpersonal communication....
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