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The book is based on the author’s PhD thesis and was written with the support of a series of Palm Island Aboriginal Councils. The author’s interest in the history of Palm Island dates back to her contact with Rachael Cummins when Rachael was at boarding school in Brisbane. Rachael, a Bwgcolman woman, and a former Deputy Chair of the Palm Island Aboriginal Council provided introductions to people willing to tell their story. These personal accounts provide an enlightening backdrop to the available historical records. As Watson states – “Palm Island people have an extraordinary past. It is rich, staggeringly brave, stoic, humorous, tragic, and inspiring history to which these words can never do justice”. This history is a valuable addition to the literature about the colonial determinants of Aboriginal health. It makes the epidemiological information we have about Indigenous health ‘live’. More importantly, it demonstrates the strength of Aboriginal people’s ‘fire in the belly’ to control their own future. We are left in no doubt that to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and to enable Palm Island to flourish and prosper we must provide health technical advice, resources, and funding in partnership with Bwgcolman. But more than that, we must do community health development in the Bwgcolman way. doi: 10.1111/j.1753-6405.2010.00645.x

Effective People: leadership and
organisation development in
healthcare (2nd Edition)
By Stephen Prosser, Published by Radcliffe publishing,
Oxford, UK 2010 220 pages, Paperback, ISBN-13
9781846193910, RRP $72.00.
Reviewed by Janice Lewis
Health Policy Management Programs, School of Public Health,
Curtin University, Western Australia.

In the preface of the second edition of Effective People, the author Stephen Prosser indicates that he set out to show how a combination experience, policy and theory that could be applied in practice. Prosser draws on an extensive experience as a chief...
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