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The word "talent' is derived from the Greek word talanton', which means "balance, sum, weight," was an unit of weight, in gold and silver, which was used as a legal tender in the trading transactions of ancient era.

The word talent' used today to denote the capacity of achievement or success and or ability in varied fields of the arts and science. And oddly enough, the basic root of the word was originally an ancient weight or money for the payment for goods and services in the ancient world. So in simple words, we can say that a talent is something which is very valuable and more then anything in the world.

Everyone on the planet Earth has their own capacity and talent. The only thing some people explores it and some not. Some blames on their fate of not having any talent without trying to figure out their own talent. I should say I was one of them n my teenage. But certainly one day my hips started shaking on the beats of drum and chords of guitar while I was listening to some music. I found myself dancing and that too with ease. I thought to go more deep into it and tried figuring out that what’s been happening to me and finally with some observations I came to a conclusion that I can be a dancer as I have very good qualities of dancing and I was very flexible with my body.

From the next day i started looking for some tutor who can explore my skills of dancing and can make me learn things more. After the Google of 10 days I finally found out a tutor who was going to teach me hip-hop dancing and I was very much excited about it. Days passed, months passed and I was about to finish my training. Certainly my tutor got a call from someone saying about dance competition at the end of the month and they asked him if they have any hip-hop dancer to participate on the stage and my tutor’s eyes went on my face. I got pale at first when he looked at me, but he told me that some day I have to show my talent to the world so why not now and he reckoned...
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