Stress Management Techniques

Topics: Psychology, Positive psychology, Happiness Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: January 21, 2011
I have learned and releaerned much about managing the stress in my life. Getting a handle on my emotional intelligence is a key factor for me in stress management. I realized that is a department in my life that I need to drastically work on. I know that my success is meaningless if I am not happy. I used to make rash and unwise decisions due to my lack of emotional control and in a sense let them control me. I've had to delv into myself during unhappy times and learn to create my own happiness and peace of mind during this session.

The strategies that I have found to work for me are exercise, alone time, and breathing exercises. Exercise allows me to release my physical tension which in turn helps me to mentally relax and think more smoothly, having some time alone away from from people and noise also helps in releaving overwelhming mental clutter and the breathing works wonders when as an immediate relief. This class has inspired me to tackle meditation and I love it. I was always so hussle and bussle, things needing to get done as soon as possible. I've become familiar with my most common and often emotions which tend to be frustration, fear and sadness and have developed through my exercises not only an understanding of them, but a way to keep them at a healthy useful level.

As an entrepenuer I have many stressor that come from every which way that it is hard to tackle them all, yet that never stopped me from trying and causing myself more stress. I've never had a problem accepting responsibility. I would say it leaned more towards feelings of resentments towards certain business decisions I have made, but now know how to calmly change what I can and accept the things I cannot. I am also writing more frequently. It isn't a main strategy but still helps.

My peace of mind and happiness have grown since this session through the useful techniques that I've developed from this course. I make my strategies apart of my daily routine as to make them come...
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