Story Telling

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Story Telling
Humans like us tell stories because it's a way of expressing ourselves and because we can. Stories tell us a lot of things. People like to tell people their experiences and what they have created. There is no way to have something supper cool in your head without sharing it with other people. People just have a natural tendency to tell stories to other people.

When people find something cool out they usually tell someone. Then that person tells someone else and it continues. It starts to become a story and a story is told. There are many other ways to tell stories, but now it is just getting ideas and writing them down on paper.

Back when there wasn't technology people told stories to entertain themselves. They would just make stuff up and tell their family and friends. The stories get passed down from one generation to another generation then one day someone in the family wants to write it down. In this case people tell stories to entertain themselves.

The reason there are so many stories is because we can tell them with no risk. We can tell a story whenever we want. The stories at first might not be as good or bad, but they change year after year until they are the best they can be. People also can't keep themselves from telling things to other people.

People tell stories to entertain because they have something to share, and because we can tell stories with no risk. All of these 3 reasons makes stories what they are. Humans just cant keep their stories inside. There will always be a day where a story is told.
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