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1. Description article and Analysis------------------------------------------------3 2. Introduction of Sustainable Economic Development and Singapore’s economic development-------------------------------------------------------------------------3-4 3. Reason to promote economic development in Singapore-----------------4 3.1 Government-led---------------------------------------------------------------5 3.2 Opening-up policy--------------------------------------------------------------5---6 4. The next challengers of Singapore economic growth in the next fifth years.-6-7 4.1 Lack of natural resources in Opening Economy--------------------------------7 4.2 Foreign capital and foreign labor dependence-----------------------------------7 4.3 Productivity and efficiency-----------------------------------------------------7-8 5. The strategies and program for Singapore economic planning in the next fifty years?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 5.1 Enhancing the utilization of human resources-----------------------------------8 5.2 Local enterprises development------------------------------------------------------9 5.3 Transformation to the Knowledge Innovation Service----------------------------9 6. Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------9

Singapore's Economic Development
1. Description article and Analysis
The article is talking about DBS bank according to new strategy to retain young talent. Now, searching for “millennials” and “work” it will know about the young workers have a bad reputation in group. But these actually concern about work balance, in order word is working hours imbalance. Then, DBS human resources manager adopt new strategy call Flexi-work strategy to management. This new strategy encourages staff leave work at 5pm on Fridays, and let staff choose the start work between 7.30am to 9.30am. In addition, staff also can work from home if they need to, and DBS provide shuttle bus to company. Some staff represent very like this new strategy, they said can get more times to accompany with family, can go for small tourist at weekend, can have enough sleep. DBS human resources manager indicate the new strategy so successful, although loss something in work, but this new method can improve employee morale and reach bigger goals also rise the efficiency.(YASMINE YAHYA, 2014) Young talent always need in economic development, especially in Singapore. Now Singapore’s government proposes development of innovation technology, then need large number of talent. Especially, Singapore’s financial industry is booming, retaining and attracting foreign and local talent in order to improve economic. 2. Introduction of Sustainable Economic Development and Singapore’s economic development Sustainable development is formally proposed by the then Prime Minister of Norway Gro Harlem Brundtland described elsewhere on the 1987 United Nations Conference “sustainable development is satisfy the needs of contemporary people without compromising the the needs of future generations to meet their ability” (Wikipedia 2014 defines). In other words, sustainable development means the economy, society, resources and environmental protection coordinated development, it is necessary to achieve the purpose of economic development, but also to protect human life atmosphere, biology, freshwater, oceans, land and forests and other natural resources and the environment, so that future generations can continue to grow and live. The core of sustainable development is development, but requires maintaining resources and environmental sustainability to achieve economic and social development. Singapore is located in the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, with a total area of over 710 square kilometers, a population of about 500 million, of which over 70% are Chinese, the rest composed by Malays and Indians....
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