Topics: Othello, Iago, Brabantio Pages: 5 (548 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Othello – Ellen
Desdemona – Derek
Bianca – Ellen
Emilia – Lauren
Iago – Tristan
Cassio – Chad
Drunk Person – Lauren
Brabantio – Lauren
Roderigo – Derek

Scene 1: Brabantio My Space
(Brabantio-Lauren, Othello-Ellen, Denaynay-Derek, MySpace-Tristan)

MySpace: Ding! Got new grillz

Brobantio: Dang Denaynay dem some shiny grillz

MySpace: Ding! Relationship changed. Denaynay is married to Othello

Brabantio: Ah Hell Naw! (Actually oh hell no but said as spelt)

End Scene

Scene 2: Brobantio Confronts

Brabantio: [guns out] Yo Yo Yo, whatcha doin with my daughter, ima gonna kill you cracka!

Othello: I sincerely apologize for this, would you like to sit down and discuss it over some tea and crumpets?

Brobantio: Ain’t no words gonna help yo case! Com on Denaynay, we leavin’ this crib

Denaynay: I aint leavin’, we gonna pop some tags , he only got $20 dollars in his pocket

Brabantion: [nasally] screw you guys I’m going home

End Scene

Scene 3: Iago’s Speech

Iago: Dat white boi Othello, start givin Cassiyolo all dat extra cash n’ I got Jack. Dat Cassiyolo boi did nottin’. Know what? I’m gonna kill all o’dem, west side represent!

[Enter Roderigo]
Roderigo: I wanna tap dat ass! [Holding picture of desnaynay]

Iago: Roderigo drop me a beat
Yo, Yo, Yo, Gimme somma dat dough n’ I’ll get you dat big black ho [rap] Ima go get Cassiyolo drunk, you go insult his momma

Roderigo: Aight man, I’m out

End Scene

Scene 4: Cassiyolo Drunk

Iago: Yo dawg, let’s go get crunk

Cassiyolo: I don’t drink mang, YOLO

Iago: Just sum purple kool-aid

Cassiyolo: Ooh, dat sounds fruity and delicious, YOLO

[Drinks and Iago leaves] [Enter Roderigo]

Roderigo: Yo mama is so fat that when she wears a yellow raincoat, people yell "taxi!"

Cassiyolo: [chasing and grabs gun] Don’t insult my mama! I’ma kill you, YOLO

[Start fighting]

Othello: Cassiyolo! Your Fired!

End Scene

Scene 5: Convincing Othello

Iago: Whatup Othello

Othello: My dear, Iago how are you this fine day?

Iago:[interrupting] Yo dawg, yo gurl is messin’ around with Cassiyolo. Dat gurl be mad crazy yo.

Othello: She is having coitus with Cassiyolo, why it can’t be.

Iago: She be a ho

Bianca: Foo, who gun be dis hommie

Othello: Why that is my love’s gun

Cassiyolo: Didn’t you know I love sparkles, YOLO

[Bianca runs out, Cassio runs after]

[Desnaynay enters]

Desneyney: What’s going

Othello: [Interupting] My maiden’s a prostitute [slaps desneyney]

[Desnaynay leaves]

Othello: Death to all!

Scene 6: Alley Killings

Roderigo: My boi Iago told me to snuff my homeboy Cassiyolo

[Cassiyolo enters]

Roderigo; Die mofo [shoots him]

Cassiyolo: [Stumbles, falls down] Ha Bitch I got Kevlar YOLO [Shoots Roderigo]

[Roderigo falls]

Iago: I pity a foo [Kills Roderigo and runs away]

Cassiyolo: I’m hurt, YOLO

Scene 7: Let The Rest Die

Othello: The dark side hath corrupted thee

Desnaynay: Where did you get a lightsaber [Dies]

[Emilia enters]

Emilia: My home girl is dead, hold my weave

[Iago enters]

Othello: She’s a whore

Emilia: Uh hell naw she’s not

Othello: But your husband said

Emilia: My husband is a liar

Iago: My plan is ruined. Die cuckold!

[Stabs Emilia, Emilia Dies]

Othello: How could I let my poor Desdemona slip away? I hath lost the immortal part of myself. Peace out amigos.

[Stabs Himself and Dies]
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