Sales management Compensation and Morale Midterm

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Week 4 : Compensation and Morale Midterm


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Question 1.
1. (TCO A) How have customers' expectations of their sales rep and their role in

the 21st century changed from those customer expectations of 30-40 years ago? (Points : 20)


Question 2.
2. (TCO A) As a sales rep, you are required to develop an annual sales plan for

your territory. What would you include in your plan? (Hint: think in terms of objectives, strategies, and tactics.) (Points : 20)


Question 3.
3. (TCO B) If a person wants to be a top-notch professional career sales rep and

has no interest in being a manager, is a college education necessary? Discuss. If your answer is no, why do so many firms recruit salespeople from colleges, and why is a college education so often listed as a qualification for a sales job? (Points : 20)


Question 4.
4. (TCO B) What is behavioral (i.e., behavior-based) interviewing? Provide

two (2) examples of behavior-based questions that might be used and that demonstrate your understanding of how a good behavior-based question might be structured? (Points : 20)


Question 5.
5. (TCO C) What are the challenges to keeping high-performing sales reps

interested in going to professional development programs, especially when they may feel that they "know it all"? How would you approach such a sales rep to ensure their participation? (Points : 20)


Question 6.
6. (TCO C) "I don't have any training program. I just hire salespeople who have

already proven successful for other companies and turn them loose. I let the big corporations do all my training for me and then just hire away their best people." This was the attitude expressed by the sales manager of one relatively small office machines agency. Is this a sound policy? What are some of the strengths and weaknesses of this position? (Points : 20)


Question 7.
7. (TCO D) Define motivation and explain why it is...
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