Plight of Migrant Workers in China

Topics: Wage, Minimum wage, Socioeconomics Pages: 1 (380 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The situation of migrant workers is described to be very tough, since their labour right is exploited. They could not have salaries on time and the bargaining power of them is small. Migrant workers are suffering, having low quality of life. In Source 2, however, migrant workers are no longer exploited. There is a rise in their basic salary. They are also provided with better welfare which is mentioned in the source, such as “well-furnished dormitory, recreation facilities, and special bonus”. Their standard of living is higher. One reason is because there is shortage of manpower as mentioned in Source 2. Many companies in Yiwu are recruiting workers. When the demand for workers is large in the market, employers are forced to provide higher salaries in order to retain or attract labour force. More welfare is also provided to workers to attract them to the company, otherwise the workers may go to another company which provide better welfare and higher salary, which will result in shortage of workers again. Therefore migrant workers are having higher living standard due to improved welfare and amount of salary. Another reason is because there is more protection over migrant workers. Source 2 has stated that “the country has made efforts to improve the situation with policies to ensure workers’ rights and an increased minimum salary”. Where there are more policies to increase workers’ rights, employers would not exploit workers’ right since they may have to face legal punishment. Problem of owed wages by the employers will be alleviated. Workers’ right will no longer be exploited. Better welfare will be provided to the workers. Thus, workers are having a higher quality of life.

The plight faced by migrant workers in urban areas in China can be grouped under social, legal and economic aspect. In social aspect, they are discriminated since they do not have the urban hukou. They are treated as economic burden by some urban residents. In legal aspect, they lack...
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