Passover DBQ

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Nancy Bahena
March 7, 2013
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The Passover DBQ
In the original Passover, God gave His people a way to sacrifice an unblemished lamb by spreading its blood on their doorpost in order for their firstborn son to be spared from the tenth and final plague against the Egyptian Pharaoh –In the new Passover, Jesus Christ becomes the new lamb. The Old Covenant Passover leads to and points forward to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ in the New Covenant, which makes the Passover a type of Christ. A type is an event or person in the Old Testament that points forward to or foreshadows another event or person in the New Testament. The Passover is a type of Christ because, both the lamb and Jesus Christ are without defect, both die as a ransom to save us from death, and both are considered our Passover lamb. Like Jesus, lambs are as good, unblemished, and boundless as God himself. The lamb was the best sacrificial animal for the Israelites just as Jesus was the best sacrifice for all humankind for He is the son of God. John chapter 19 (specifically v. 41-36) describes how Jesus had no broken bones when he died. It was instructed in the Passover lamb that it may not have any broken bones or else the sacrifice could not be made perfect. In the Anamnesis, Eucharistic Prayer I, the people describe Jesus as a pure victim, a spotless victim, and the holy bread of eternal life. In this prayer, they have compared Jesus to the also pure and spotless sacrificial lamb. The burnt offering however, was not enough because, God demanded an interior sacrifice as well. In fact, God provides this interior sacrifice himself. In the story of Cain and Abel, Abel provided the best sacrifice so Cain became envious and killed his brother for God did not accept his imperfect sacrifice. Both the sacrificial lamb and Jesus require being pure because, these sacrifices have to be perfect our Lord. Due to many of our sins both Jesus Christ and the lamb die as a ransom to save us from an...
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