P1 for unit 36 small business

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P1:Present the initial business idea
using relevant criteria.

Unit 36

Introduction And Background
In this task I am required to present the initial business idea in order to achieve this task. This task consists of 12 different slides covering up all the required data in order to present my initial business idea. Furthermore my reasons for going into business;

To make an income.

To gain control over my own career.

You have an idea for a business.

I want to have control over my own work environment.

To have more flexible working hours.

I enjoy working for yourself and leading other people.

To generate an income and jobs for my community, such as my family and friends.

The type of business I am are planning to open
The kind of my business I am willing to open in Uxbridge is sole trader, in light of the fact that I need to be named independently employed instead of opening up an establishment, where I won't have 100% control over my shop. My shop will be a like, for example, londis however I will be having my own particular image name and I will pick up and make a special brand picture to my client. The reason I am willing to take this danger of new business itself is that I anticipate future as I plan to extend this business by making a decent picture into the business sector and afterward opening up a few shops to make my image famous, further more, than I anticipate give establishment choice to the individuals who are intrigued in my brand franchise . This will be given sensible value so that more individuals can stand to get my image name and afterward it will be distributed to more prominent populace, regulated in place for my brand image to be fruitful.

Main aim of my business
I am wanting to attain to incredible business from Uxbridge and to give the best support of its clients by giving them a top class shopping environment, with extraordinary upto date apparatus . To portray the level of my administration for my client is contrasted with as any Tesco or Sainsbury neighborhood local branches, however not the ordinary size as them, however the span of any nearby Londis shop where contrasted with mine.

Location of my business.
The area of my business is an extremely mainstream town called Uxbridge. An incredible spot to open a 24 Hour basic grocery shop. Adjacent I am able to use A40 and different motorways for my supply and it is an extraordinary area for me and my business as the street is enormous to have the capacity to get the lorry move and give my conveyances. An extraordinary measure of clients will be pulled in as, close-by my shop there are 2 shopping center, numerous restaurants, pubs, parlors and night clubs.

Unique Selling Point
My unique selling point is very clear, My shop will be open 24 hours in order to attract the customers. I will be getting the customers from Uxbridge, Hayes, West Drayton, Denham, Iver and many more local areas as I will be the only one to open 24 hour shop in Uxbridge as so most of my clients will be coming from all these areas.

A description of the target market
I will not differentiate the type of customer to serve, I will serve as many customer as I can. Most of the customers will come for a common need which is lower price but good quality product, hence we are a discounted store, it strives to serve more customers that share a common need rather than differentiate the customers.

Demand for my goods/service
The demand for the goods and services such as grocery, food, and tobacco products is very high and essential need for the customers. My target is to provide all these services to large population when 99% shops are closed by 11 pm. The demand for my services will be extraordinary as my shop is surrounded by Bars and nightclubs as those customers will be attracted on weekends to get the essential needs they desire.

My competitors will be Tesco Local and 2 other local...
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