Topics: Geek, Nerd, Albert Einstein Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: December 7, 2013
America Needs its Nerds
In the passage from “America Needs Its Nerds”, author Leonid Fridman dissect his argument by comparing and contrasting America’s on-going social beliefs and perceptions of the geek and the actual positive role taken on by the nerd and why the role that they play is so vital to our society. Since we live in an anti- intellectualist society, nerds are ostracized while athletes are idolized. And this all starts from elementary or middle school. We rarely have a child who will grow up to be the next Albert Einstein, but have many children in schools who will be Kobe Bryant or Ronnie Brown. This is because some children in schools prefer playing sports rather than studying at home. They prefer staying outside and have fun with friends rather than stay home watching Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. In short, they prefer being socially active. But nerds and geeks are completely opposite; they prefer working on homework rather than playing sports. They prefer being alone and not getting involved in any social activity. And this kind of behavior is the main reason why nerds and geeks are most commonly known as social outcasts or abnormal. Just because nerds or geeks don't get wasted or party hard, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be accepted in the society. They are people like us, just with high intelligence. Sports are not bad professions to approach towards, but you don't learn anything besides making touchdowns or three pointers. But for the people who don't want sports to be their profession, their goal is to make touchdown and three pointers in their life by contributing to America. As a result of people teasing nerds and geeks, many nerds and geeks are ashamed of themselves. Due to this, they become very upset with their life. Even parents are sometimes ashamed of their children, if they study too hard and not hang out with their friends. They expect their daughter to go to dancing class and not stay home studying mathematics all the time....
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