National Integration

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Ways And Means of National Integration

Education is of great significance for bringing out about National and emotional integration. It is a strong weapons which can be used effectively for achieving our national understanding. Some of the ways And means to promote National Integration are as under :- 1) National Policy of Education

The policy should have the uniform pattern from primary to university level throughout the length and the breadth of the country. The following things should be implemented :-

a) Admissions
Students should be admitted in the institutions on the basis of intelligence and ability.

b) Scholarship
It should be given on the basis of their ability and financial position and not on the basis of caste, religion or community.

c) Migration
Domiciliary restrictions in regard to migration of students between one state and another should be immediately removed. 2) Redesigning the Textbooks

There is an imperative need for recasting books on Indian history, geography, literature and language etc. 3) Organizing Co-Curricular Activities

These activities prepare the students for National integration in a direct and an indirect way. They exercise a more effective and useful impact on their personality. This place is comparatively higher than other place. Following some of the activities that are included in the National Integration :-

a) Celebration of National Days
b) Celebration of birthday's of great men
c) Celebrating cultural festivals
d) Celebration of festivals
e) National Anthem
f) Donating Blood
g) Organizing adult education programme
h) Bulletin board
i) Exchange of teachers
j) Participating in social activities
k) Respecting the National symbols
4) Adult Education

Mass illiteracy and lack of proper education, endanger national solidarity. India is still a land of mass illiteracy. Adult education programmes should be organized while keeping in view the development of national consciousness and national solidarity. 5) Religious and Moral education

It emphases the brotherhood of mankind is a great persuading force to bring about emotional and national integration. True secularism is not opposed to religious and moral teaching rather secularism implies true religion and morality. 6) Taking Pledge

Students may be asked to repeat a pledge twice a month dedicating themselves to the service of their country and their countrymen. Role of Teacher in National Integration

Teacher should play an very effective role for the promotion of national integration. Only national minded teacher can strengthen the spirit of unity and the idea of compositeness. A teacher can make the following contributions :- 1) A living Model

A teacher has been regarded as the builder of the nation. He influences the students by his behavior. He should have a national outlook and reflect national consciousness, actions, conduct and behavior so that the students may receive the message of national integration. 2) Broad Outlook

He should rise above petty biases and prejudices. He should be impartial and treat his students equally without distinction of caste , sex, creed, colour and religion etc. 3) Firm Faith

He should have firm faith in national unity and love for the country. 4) Saying and doing

What a teacher does speaks more loudly than what he says. He should do whatever he says. There should be no difference in saying and doing. 5) Correlation

Teacher must introduce his country in his lessons. The history of His country, its cities, its rivers, its songs, its people etc. History, civics and geography, literature, art and music should be taught from the national point of view. 5) Writing books

Teacher should co-operate in recasting books on Indian history, civics, literature and language etc. leading the students to appreciate historical, social , cultural, linguistic and religious of the people of India. 6) Moral duty

Teacher should prepare the students mentally for...
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