Moral Education

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Summary about the importance of moral education

The children receive two types of education. that is formal (in school) and informal (at home, through experiences and events in the book). Fist of all let me define the answer of formal education program is the process of training and developing people in knowledge, skills, mind, and character in a structured and certified program. Non-formal education became part of the international discourse on education policy in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It can be seen as related to the concepts of recurrent and lifelong learning. Tight (1996: 68) suggests that whereas the latter concepts have to do with the extension of education and learning throughout life, non-formal education is about 'acknowledging the importance of education, learning and training which takes place outside recognized educational institutions'. the main differences between the twoIn general, classrooms have the same kids and the same teachers every day. After-school programs are often drop-in, so attendance is inconsistent, as is leadership. Classroom activities can last several days. After-school programs need to complete an activity each day because a different group of kids could be in attendance tomorrow. You can assume that classroom-based teachers have a certain levelof training in educational philosophy, effective teaching strategies, classroom management, and content. After-school providers, by contrast, vary in experience and knowledge of teaching techniques, content expertise, and group management. Typically, materials for after-school settings need to include a lot more structure.  the advantages of informal education aredemonstrated by that the fact the children grow and change for the better over the course of the novel
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