Methods of replacing the wear parts of the cone crusher

Topics: Zinc, Tribology, Crusher Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: March 17, 2014
Cone crusher crushing ratio, high efficiency , low energy consumption , uniform particle size , suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing of various ores and rocks . Cone crusher is a kind in many industries are widely used crusher. In its production process, in order to improve the efficiency of cone crusher , reduce operating costs, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, can start from a few practical experience below. Here is the summary of Great Wall Heavy Industry company professional engineers for everyone on methods of cone crusher wear parts replacement. 1.Methods of cone crusher wall replacement. Cone crusher wall and cone crusher body is fixed together with zinc alloy.Therefore,for a new installation or replacement of a new cone crusher wall should check the tightening case to make sure to tighten reliable after working for 6-8 hours. 2.The gear meshing. Circular plate is worn due to process in the work of the cone crusher by friction, and a direct result of some influence on the gear gap.The bottom of cover without gasket can not ensure normal meshing gears.Gaskets thickness added is depending on the degree of wear. 3.Installation of bearings and seals. That you install the bowl bearings must be careful to not let the rope to break retaining ring. When assembled, scraping support sphere, should guarantee a certain gap . 4.As a third transition with cylindrical bushings and frame body, Injection a zinc alloy into the tank in the upper part of bush can be good to avoid the turning of the bush. When to replace of the bush should follow the actual size of the frame body preparation so as to normal operation . 5.The replacement of the cone crusher sleeve should check the size and timely amendment the wrong place.Manufacture spare parts should be in accordance with the actual size of the eccentric sleeve diameter in order to maintain the existing degree of understanding. If you have any other question please feel free to contact us and our...
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