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Executive Summary:

Electrifying Solar Inc. is not the typical man made outdoors product you may think it is. Our products like the solar beach umbrella provides a unique style of protection from the sunrays and keeping you cool with a cooling fan while at the beach or the park with your families. Amazing features to this umbrella are the solar panels which are used for energy efficiently. A USB charging outlet to charge your hand held devices while the solar panels collect the energy from the sun. This amazing umbrella also is 8ft tall to make it be very spacious, light weight and also comes with a carry-on bag to be easy to carry around. Marketing will play an amazing role in the success of our company Electrifying Solar Inc. and product the solar beach umbrella. Our product will be promoted through local television, radio, and printed advertising on billboards, magazines, newspapers and flyers. Our company will focus on the satisfaction of our customers, having well educated and experience employees. But, the most important thing is having an amazing product that will put us on the road to success.

Our Target Market includes:
Families of all sizes (2 or more people)
Students from nearby communities/colleges

Mission Statement:
The mission to Electrifying Solar Inc. is to market lines of high-quality outdoors products at affordable prices that satisfy customers in this fast growing technology industry. While providing opportunity for employees and better than average returns to stockholders.

Nonfinancial Goals:
To retain its present image as the highest quality line of beach products in the outdoors categories in which it competes. To add a new product line every four years.
To be among the top five outdoor lines in the country.

Financial Goals:
To obtain a real growth in earnings per share of 10 percent per year over time. To obtain a return on equity of at least 20 percent.
To have both public and private stocks offering by the year 2014....
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