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Topic :Types of hardware used in Hospitality Industry
Computer hardware is a physical part of a computer that executes within the hardware. It is unlike computer software or data that can be frequently changed, modified or erased on a computer. Computer hardware is not frequently changed and so is stored in hardware devices such as read only memory (ROM) where it is not readily changed.

Most computer hardware is embedded and so is not visible to normal users. Below are the different types of hardware's found in a computer.

Ø Motherboard: It is the central or primary circuit board making up a complex electronic system such as a computer. A motherboard is also known as a main board, logic board or system board. Ø Central processing Unit: A CPU is the main component of a digital computer that interprets instructions and process data in computer programs. Ø Random Access Memory: A RAM allows the stored data to be accessed in any order. RAM is considered as the main memory of the computer where the working area is used for displaying and manipulating data. Ø Basic Input Output System: BIOS prepares the software programs to load, execute and control the computer. Ø Power Supply: Power Supply supplies electrical energy to an output load or group of loads. Ø Video Display Controller: It converts the logical representation of visual information into a signal that can be used as input for a display medium. Ø Computer Bus: It is used to transfer data or power between computer components inside a computer or between computers. Ø CD-ROM drive: It contains data accessible by a computer Ø Floppy disk: It is a data storage device

Ø Zip Drive: It is a medium capacity removable disk storage system. Ø Hard Disk: It is a non-volatile data storage system that stores data on a magnetic surface layered unto hard disk platters. Moniters


HD Overdrive: Corsair's Accelerator SSD Cache
social media monitoring:
internet- a router, wireless adapters and some Cat5 cable. consolidate server racks Standard Dedicated Servers
Company-AT&T,Qwest,Mediacom{wireless phone and internet} Cloud Storage
Hardware Load Balancers Hardware Firewalls
Switches: A switch is a network device with multiple ports in one network whose task is to copy frames from one port to another. Network Interface Cards
Cameras-Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems,


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The company will come to your home, connect some wires and give you a little box with a bunch of lights on it, which is your modem. You can buy your own if you want, but they will let you borrow one. We suggest a DSL or cable high-speed connection for a wireless network due to the lightning speed of these connections. While it is possible with dial-up you will become quickly frustrated by the turtle-like speed of dial-up. Most companies will have you up and running in one day or less!


A router is a device that hooks to the modem and 'talks' to your computers. This will connect all the computers in your network to the internet. You should buy a wireless router, such as:

Linksys WRT 150N

Netgear WPN824

Belkin Wireless G


Wireless adapters are devices that talk wirelessly to the router, which in turn connects you to the Internet. Most of these will connect via a USB connection. You can think of the adaptors as your invisible wire, if it helps. Newer computers come standard with internal adapters, so you will have to find out if your computer has one. If it does not, you must buy an external adapter that matches your router; you can't have a Linksys router and a Netgear wireless adapter.

Here are some popular wireless adapters:

D-Link DWA-556

Netgear RangeMax N

Linksys WUSB300N
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