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I have found that people who are good at reading feedback accurately are much better communicators. A comedian who can’t judge if the crowd is enjoying his routine is more than likely not doing very well. In order for the comedian to really catch his crowds’ full attention; he needs to be able to use the reaction of the crowd as feedback. This feedback can be used to tell him what jokes are too far and which ones are ok. This shows that there is a relationship between the ability to read feedback and the ability to communicate information or to motivate or persuade an audience. Another thing to take into consideration is the ability of someone to give effective feedback. If this comedian did this same routine in front of friends who came from the same area as him the routine might have seemed to be a hit. This could be due to friends being nice or the jokes are localized to where they live or many other things. The effective feedback in this instance would be the approach of someone they don’t know and would the jokes have the same effect. 4)Synchronous messaging - When I communicate in synchronous messaging, face to face conversation or text messaging I tend to I tend to talk about the here and now. My conversations are on more of a personal level. My tone can be received instantly. Asynchronous messaging – When I communicate in asynchronous messaging, mail or email, I don’t have so much of the back and forth. This can be due to many factors but the major thing to be taken from asynchronous messaging is that a message sent one day in one that specific tone can be received in a completely different way. Example: Did you hear the news?!?!?!? This could be interpreted as bad or good dependent on the receivers’ current tone. Chapter 2 page 49

Refusing lifesaving medical procedures for children on religious grounds – I feel that it is a parents right to accept or deny treatment if they feel they are doing right by whatever go...
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