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Topics: Love, Interpersonal relationship, Friendship Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: March 17, 2014


In this paper, the purpose of the researcher is to show a higher respect to the relationship. Entering to a relationship is not a game or play and it is not pastime. For those people who enter a particular relationship, he must know first what love is. Applying the research in the context of man’s different relationship, love and relationship is inseparable. In explaining this to the people, their notion on love and relationship will be clear and untestable and they will gain new wisdom.

The study of C.S Lewis Four Loves focuses on the ordinary relationship of man. His Four Loves give some insight how to know the notion love especially in the particular relationship. His Four Loves are Affection, Friendship, Romance, and Charity. Affection is a kind of relationship that is seen in the family that is seen in a family or with the friends through familiarity (a brotherly love). Affection being love itself can enter to other loves. Friendship arises out through companionship. Friendship is a love that is simply apparent because of the shared commonality that exists between the subjects. This is important and needs to be recognized or else friendship will not come about. Romance or Eros should arise first and Venus would then serve as fulfillment of the benefits of Eros. If Venus is left uncontrolled, the process is reversed and love becomes a demand. Eros is willing to wait for appropriate time and context for gratification of sexual desire. And his last love is the Charity is self-sufficient love because God, in His perfect being, does not lack anything. The self-sufficiency of God is what sets his love apart from the natural loves. Charity then is the love that completes all three natural loves. Without Charity, the natural loves would have no sense at all.

Indeed, Love is very important to every relationship of man. In our relationships we need to re-evaluate and rediscover; what is the...
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