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Topics: Drum kit, Bass guitar, Bass drum Pages: 3 (1033 words) Published: February 24, 2013
One of my favorite bands is “Hellbound Hepcats”. Over fall break I had the pleasure to go to one of their concerts in Montreal. We had purchased our tickets over the summer; my friend and I. The concert was on October 20th and it was a pretty warm day for fall. The concert was held outside at some sort of huge recording facility. The stage was setup with bright lights that light shined all over the audience. It had a drumset, a bass, 3 guitars, a cowbell, hi-hat, etc. The Hellbound Hepcats introduced themselves and the five songs in which they will be performing. The Hellbound Hepcats is an impressive band that brings back the sound of the 1950's with an aggressive, big-beat-twist-seamlessly fusing elements of Johnnie Burnette, Chuck Berry, and Brian Setzer with the pure energy of rockabilly.

Alexander Brown is front man guitarist and lead vocalist, Jordan Peddie is stand-up bass player, and Sylvain Lemire is drummer. Sylvain rounded the equation bringing in an impulsing rhythm section that has made the Hepcats the band they are today.

While on stage the announced that they were going to sing my favorite song first. I was shaking in my shoes. The first song up was my favorite song, and that was “Only Man”. The song, “Only Man” begins with a guitar solo played by Alexander. In the middle of the performance of the song, Jordan did a solo on the bass that brought the crowd standing. This performance was the most intense and uplifting performance, I've ever witnessed of them. The piece closed with a chilling chord that leaves the crowd applauding. I remember distinctly, there was a lady who fainted at the end of the piece because she said she wanted to “marry Alex”.

The next song happened to be another one I enjoyed listening to on a daily basis. The song was called “Pyronecrophiliac”. The song was written to show the contrast of the Hepcats with their influences like Chuck Berry, the Baboons, etc. Pyronecrophilac includes a series of solos, driving...
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