Computer Laboratory Management System for Samar College

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Chapter I


The Computer Lab or Computer Laboratory is obviously part of the institution like Schools and University. For the reason that there are several matters that uses computer like computing of data, creating documents and many other task that uses computers for faster data processing. At schools almost all courses are having computer related subject to learn about computers. Focusing to this topic Computer Laboratory comprised of several computers that connected to a network which a network is consist of collection of computers and other equipment that is connected together to communicate with each other. Samar College Inc. is one of the most fast growing and innovative institution in Catbalogan offering various courses for College degree. Along with its increasing community is the need of the students for more high quality resources particularly in computer laboratory. Computer laboratory is one of the facilities that had provided by Samar College to help students practice the theories that have been thought in lecture. At this instance computer laboratory needs management software in order to secure, obey the rolls inside the lab and uses its advantage. As a student’s conducting research it shows that it is more advantage if computer laboratories will use management software that will manage several tasks of instructors or some faculty of Samar College who uses the computer lab in teaching students and for some matters that uses Computer Laboratory. This management software will handles the task like access control, system security, student’s attendance and remote monitoring of system activities. In addition to this study the researchers also notice to use biometric device for faster data processing and to acquire the consistent and exact information in short period of time. Also biometric device will be very useful for this kind of research to apply its consistency, accuracy and the security of the system.

Project Context
The proposed System Computer Laboratory Manage System is a LAN-based system which will further increase the efficiency of learning, management and student monitoring by using client-server approach. This system will benefit both the instructor and the student, as it simplifies common tasks in a normal PC-based classroom. The server, which is used by the instructor as a control device for communicating, provides several functions: automating class attendance; broadcasting laboratory work and announcement viewing and locking computer screens; and database reports.

Purpose and Description of the Project
The project was aimed at producing application software that can optimize the usage of a computer lab in Samar College. Several misbehavior patterns of students in using the computers will be identified; an effective management and monitoring style to be in place.

Objectives of the Project


The general objective of this study is to develop a system that would handle the management and monitoring of Computer Laboratory in Samar College. A system that would lessen the unmannered use of computers, time consuming of turning off all computers, get rid of using computers if not in a schedule.

1. To develop a system that would able the instructors to have access control of computers; 2. to develop a system that use biometric device to login student & instructors; 3. to produce an application software where the instructor is able to monitor the computer usage of the student; 4. to enable instructor to take attendance of the students effectively.

Scope and Limitations of the Project

The propose study entitled Computer Laboratory Management System for Samar College scope is to employs client-server approach, developed by using .Net Technology, covers the management and monitoring of Computer Lab which allows the instructors to monitor and tract students in using the computer. The Instructors can add, edit and delete...
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