Communication Style

Topics: Aggression, Nonverbal communication, Nursing Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: June 15, 2013
Communication Style Case Study

Communication as is vital and an important part of at every level of the health care system. It is important that Nnurses are requiredable to identify the four styles of communication. This Communication (verbal and non-verbal) styles used can potentially result in completely different outcomes. These communication styles are Passive, Assertive, and Aggressive, and Passive-Aggressive according to Hansten & Jackson (2009). The following is an analysis of three case studies where communication is affected by the style that was used. In the first scenario Robin’s way of communication is aggressive in tone and content. She is expressing her negative feelings and thoughts in an aggressive fashion to a subordinate, leaving no room for open communication. She raised her voice and her comment demonstrated hostility toward the nurse’s aide. as if she is She is trying to degrade Rashad. She used humiliation to demonstrate she has the powerauthority over Rashad. She might believe she is superior and better than Rashad. On the other hand; Rashad’s appears passive by not responding to Robin but he is acting in a passive-aggressive manner (non-verbal communication). He appears to be have feelings may be of sadness and embarrassment because he was yelled in the presence of the rest of the team. He was humiliated and he did not answer back because he was afraid of retaliation or losing his job but he is acting passively to deal with Robin’s oviousobvious power over him and he is secretly resulting in a passive communication. But because Rashad was already planning for revenge. his style of communication was going to change to passive-aggressive. His idea was a perfect input for good patient care and organization. The reflection of good team work. But unfortunately Robin’s attitude may affect nursing care in this unit. Robin has provoked hatred in Rashad and ultimately is Robin’s patients who may the one that may going to...

References: -Hansten, R. I., & Jackson, M. (2009). Clinical delegation skills: A handbook for professional practice (4th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.
ebook 278-282
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