Changes in Education

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Changes in Education
Education is important in order to prepare individuals to contribute to be effective citizens in our society. Teachers should educate these individuals in different areas such as writing, communication skills, analytical skills, basic knowledge of society, social skills, responsibility, and other skills that enable them to be self-directed learners. Teachers are important for the child’s education and they can make a positive impact or a negative impact. One of the things that I learn in this course was the about the Code of ethics of the education profession. I have heard about this but I had not seen it the way the book presents it. I learned that in the professions such as teaching, an underlying principle of that moral code is that those in the profession act in accordance with the well-being of the client in mind rather than personal concerns or satisfaction (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009). I see this as a way to protect the student values; the code of ethics will encourage the teacher to treat the student in an ethical and responsible way. Teachers have to treat a student with respect and should not take advantage of the students because of their position. A teacher influences the lives of students not only academically but morally and ethically through the teacher’s actions (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009). I also learned about teaching in a world of change, I have not taught in a regular classroom many years, but I had seen many of the new ways of teaching. It is difficult to understand that teaching has change dramatically. First when I was in school we did not have these entire standards that children have today. Years ago, learners with disabilities were isolated in special education classrooms; this was justified by the claim that such students needed training and assistance that was unavailable to them in the regular classroom (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009). We were taught at a regular class and non-speaking English student would usually have their own class room where they would learn in their own language and/ or they would learn English as a second language. Classrooms for students with disabilities where provided as well. Today all the children are in one classroom, they all learned the same thing every day and they all learn at the same pace. Teachers have to be well-prepared and have a curriculum where they include their entire student regardless of language or mental impediment. The book states these educational changes can offer opportunities and threats. It is a challenge for teachers to concentrate not just every child’s learning style, but in all children with special needs as well. A subject that I am familiar with is child abuse and neglect. Teachers responsibility is not only to teach but to help reduce child abuse and neglect, there are so many children dying each year because of abuse. Teachers can feel overwhelm with this kind of responsibility but they are the ones that are with the child most of the day, they are the ones that are closer to the students besides their parents. Reviewing about this subject is a reminder of how important this subject is for the child’s personal life. Another of the things that capture my attention and I am familiar with is the issue about homework and learning. When I was in school I remember we did not had an issue about how much homework was too much. We had homework for almost every classroom and we did not have extra books to leave one in school and one at home. We had to carry most of our books if we need it. Today parent question the value of great amounts of homework that have accompanied the increased emphasis on testing and accountability (Armstrong, Henson, & Savage, 2009). The parents are worried that the students are placed in too much pressure; many times they do not have the time to do other out-of-school activities. In the past teachers gave homework to students...
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