A View From The Bridge Characters

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English Literature GCSE
A View From The Bridge
Law and Justice
Betrayal and Family Loyalty / Codes of Honour

Eddie Carbone

Meeting with Alfieri
End of act 1 - teaches Rodolfo to fight, tension with Marco
When he calls the Immigration Office
End - death

* 'It's too short, ain't it...you're walkin' wavy' - First appears to be very protective of Catherine. Doesn't want other men to see her. Later on 'What's the heels for, Garbo?' * 'What job? She's gonna finish school' - overprotective, doesn't want C to leave * 'a guy do thing like that? How's he gonna show his face?' - Vinny Bolzano, irony * 'you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word that you gave away' * '(he's coming more and more to address Marco only)' - already recognises Marco as more dominant. Also, Rodolfo is a rival

* 'his eyes were like tunnels...a passion that had moved into his body, like a stranger'

* 'I teach you' (how to box)
'It mildly staggers Rodolfo'
* 'Eddie's grin vanishes as he absorbs his look' - when Marco lifts the chair - Eddie feels intimidated

* 'You ain't goin' nowheres'
* Catherine 'strives to free herself', Eddie 'pins' Rodolfo - traps them before kissing them

* 'The phone is glowing in light now. Light is out on Alfieri' - represents change of attitude - good->evil * 'Give me the number of the immigration bureau'
-contradicts his promise to Alfieri earlier on in the play, where he said he would never do it.

* 'she looks at him and sees his terror' - Eddie is realising his mistakes - afraid for his family, but also himself

* 'Animal' Marco calls him this
* 'My B.!' 'He dies in her arms' - returns back to Beatrice

Makes up excuses throughout the play
* 'You don't want to be picked up, do you?- when Rodolfo is singing * 'the guy ain't right'
* 'How do you know they're not trackin' these guys?' - puts blame of immigration officers on the other immigrants

Betrayal and Loyalty
Introduction: Miller chose to write the play in the style of a Greek tragedy. Betrayal lies at the heart of these plays, showing that the theme of Betrayal and Loyalty is at the centre of 'A View From The Bridge'. Through the use of various techniques - such as the story of Vinny Bolzano and the relationships between characters - Miller presents this theme as one of the most important in the play. The theme is introduced through the story of Vinny Bolzano

- Miller put this at the beginning of the play so the audience would remember it and recognise its importance later on. It is told as a story, so stands out from the rest of the play (memorable). The audience recognise the irony later on the play. This scene/story acts as a foreshadowing of Eddie's future. * 'On his own uncle!'

It's bad enough to tell on someone, but when its a relative, it's even worse Exclamation shows his horror that someone could do it, shows how he feels he could never do such a thing - ironic * 'You'll never see him no more, a guy do a thing like that? How's he gonna show his face?' Eddie's horror/shock at it shows the deterioration of his character - by the end of the play he was able to do it himself - less sensitive Shows betraying the community 'code' would never be forgiven * 'you can quicker get back a million dollars that was stole than a word you gave away' Eddie shows Catherine the importance of never telling anyone about illegal immigrants He wants the cousins to protected - concerned for them

Family Loyalty
Rodolfo and Marco's relationship represents the sense of family loyalty in the Sicilian community * 'the chair raised like a weapon over Eddie's head'
Marco shows Eddie that he will protect Rodolfo
* 'he degraded my brother...he robbed my children'
shows the family loyalty
Catherine and Eddie's relationship...
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