Descartes Meditations

Topics: Mind, René Descartes, Cognition Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Descartes - Meditation II

“The nature of the human mind, and how it is better known than the body” what you see does not exist
memory is faulty
movement and place are mistaken notions
only certain thing is that there is no certainty
however, if can not be certain of sense and body, does it mean that one does not exist physical does not exists – therefore one is nonexistent – however, in order to even question these things, he must exist. He must exist in order for there be doubt

“cogito ergo sum” - I am, I exist
what is this “I” that exists
doubts existence of a soul, how he is nourished, moved, sense, whether he has a body only thing that he can't deny – that he can think
cannot exist if one doesnt think
one only exists as long as one is thinking
therefore, thought is inseparable from being
final conclusion – he is only a thing that thinks – then clarifies that not only can he think, he can understand and will and imagine and sense he can be dreaming, but he still seems to see and hear, senses may not be real, but they are part of how his mind thinks cannot trust imagination

imagination can be an illusion, cannot be used as a guide to know one's own essense knowledge:wax – one can only know that it can extend, it's flexible, changeable (physical properties) – however one does not know this because of senses, one knows this by some means of imagination however, he can't run through all these shapes in his imagination alone, therefore, he knows the wax by means of intellect alone mental perception can be flawed and a complete illusion when carefully examined mind knows more than body and is far better than other things perceptions are based completely on intellect and not senses or imagination after First Meditation, he finds some certainty after the radical skepticism. Cartesian dualism – material substance (res extensa) and thinking substance (res cogitans) conclusion...
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